5 First Kiss Tips - The Best First Kiss Advice Ever

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One of the most memorable moments in your life will be your first kiss. Whether it's going to be good or not-so-good, this will be an important moment in your life, so you want to make it as perfect as possible. I hope these first kiss tips will help you.

First kiss advice - 5 Tips

1. Forget about the setting, the atmosphere and the right time. Concentrate on the right person first and foremost. As you only get to have one first kiss, you should have it with someone you find special and attractive. I'm not suggesting you wait until you're 30 to find the perfect person, but at least do it with someone you care about.

2. Preparation is important. Before you kiss, you want to make sure that your breath is good and that your lips aren't dry. You can walk around with a mint in your mouth 24/7, but you can avoid fried food, fish, and garlic before your first kiss. It can help.

3. Don't force your tongue in. You've never kissed this person before. It doesn't have to be a French kiss to be perfect. In fact, it most likely won't. That's a good thing, as french kissing is a bit harder than regular lip kissing, so you should avoid it at first.

4. Don't rush a kiss. Ever. You don't have to ask permission to kiss, but you will likely sense when it's the right time to lean in. A good way is to maintain eye contact and slowly lean in with your head. If your partner doesn't move away, he or she is ready to be kissed.

5. Above all, don't be nervous. Billions of people have done this before you and billions more will. You can be excited, but don't forget that this is something that will most likely come naturally to you, so take your time and be cool about it.

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5 First Kiss Tips - The Best First Kiss Advice Ever

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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