7 French Kissing Tips to Become a Great French Kisser

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French kissing is an art but it's something which you can learn how to do. In fact, you can become great in it. In this article I'll provide you with 7 French kissing tips to make sure your partner will melt in your arms (whether it's a she or a he).

1. Make sure your mouth is clean - Don't make the mistake of eating anything too spicy just before you kiss someone. Avoid onions, garlic, and smoking. Chewing a mint is also a good idea. A clean mouth is fun to kiss. A bad smelling mouth is terrible.

2. Wait for the perfect moment - The mood needs to be right for this kind of kiss. Make sure you're both comfortable and that you have your partner's full attention. Privacy is also important since this is an intimate kiss, especially if this is the first time you two are doing this. Take your time until the moment is right.

3. Start slowly - You can't start the kiss with your tongue. Start with just your lips and build up the anticipation. Never force your partner's mouth open. It will open of itself when the desire builds up.

4. Use your arms - One of the best french kissing techniques involves using your arms to enahnce the sensation. Make sure to hold your partner in your arms so they can feel you better. This increases intimacy and will make it more enjoyable for you too.

5. Don't use too much tongue - Never plunge your tongue into your partner's mouth. French kissing does not mean dental exploration. You need to play with your tongue but never go too deep.

6. Don't forget your lips - French kissing isn't licking. It's kissing. Some people don't even touch lips. You should. The tongue is just an amplifier of the kiss, nothing more.

7. Break for air - Sense how your partner is doing and don't make a kiss into something which is too long. Break for air. You can always kiss again and if you follow these tips you likely will.

Don't be nervous. You can become a great kisser. A lot depends on your confidence. If you're sure about yourself, your partner will be too.

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7 French Kissing Tips to Become a Great French Kisser

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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