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Mascara is one of the most essential cosmetics used in daily life; women have a love-hate relationship with it. Oh, it does make the eyes look dazzling and stunning but most of the times it makes the lashes look clumpy, not to mention, it stings if accidentally rubbed in to the eyes. It can run and leave inky black smudges on your face at the worst possible times. Blincs Kiss Me Mascara is an out of this world product. What makes it unique is that, it coats each individual lash in a tiny flexible tube of waterproof pigment that refuses to rub off until you gently peel it away. It leaves you free of the impulse to check mirror every once in a while. Even if tears roll down your eyes and cheeks they will not leave a trace.

Kiss me mascara adds both volume and length to the lashes resulting in an amazingly natural look that lasts throughout the day. Only at the end of the day when you remove the makeup, the tubes will smoothly slide off your lashes with the combination of warm water and gentle pressure, from your fingertips without the application of a harsh makeup remover. Unlike other paint-based mascaras which result in accumulation of impurities at the root of the lash and sometimes cause infection, Kiss Me does not have the penetrating power. That is because ordinary mascaras are normally oil-based paints. Kiss me mascara does not smear the lash, but rather, forms a tiny cylinder around every lash. These tubes add volume to each individual lash as the mascara envelopes it. It stretches past the free end of the lash providing a lengthening look as well. While other mascaras require reapplication twice a day, kiss me mascara lasts twice as long.

This mascara is ideal for people who have sensitive eyes or who wear contact lens because this divine product does not come directly in contact with the inner eye. It is a perfect addition to the daily cosmetics for women who lead an active life and yearn for mascara whose look, hold and ease of removal is flawless.
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About Kiss Me Mascara

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This article was published on 2010/11/23