How to Be a Great Kisser - Hot and Creative Kissing Techniques For Men

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Every guy would dream to become an absolute great kisser --- who doesn't want being flocked by girls, asking you to kiss them and coming back for more? Of course, every member of the male species would want that. Heck, that's like living an impossible dream! Of course, kissing is also one of the most pleasurable deeds you can do with a girl --- and the intimacy can be too much to handle that it leads you to do other naughty things after that. Your imagination may be on haywire right now but let's go back to main topic at hand --- how to be a great kisser? Get ready to blow her mind away. Here are a few hot and creative kissing techniques for you:

  • Tease her first. Don't go straight for the tongue, my friend. You don't want to make her gag, do you? One thing you should remember when it comes to women is that you don't need to do force --- they need to be taken nice and slow if you want to make her moan and groan for you. So tease her for a kiss by planting feathery kisses on her forehead, cheeks, nose, neck and ears --- and then go for the lips. The experience is electrifying, I assure you.
  • Take time to explore.Once you're on access with her mouth and tongue, don't just twirl it round and round until you both get bored --- get adventurous! Suck on her lips and tongue, run yours over her teeth or just passionately make love with them --- that's enough to drive her on her knees.
  • Slowly and passionately. Don't rush. This is not a quickie. A kiss is not just a kiss --- it's supposed to be full of passion and pleasure. That's why do it slowly --- it's one way to tease her out of her mind. Not to mention that it's going to turn her on big time.
  • Make it more intense. Now that you've explored all your options and she's practically clinging for you like a life support, it's prime time you start to make it more intense. Let the beast in you out and feed its hunger --- your girl will match up with your ardor.
  • Savor the pleasure. Don't think too much if you're satisfying her or not --- enjoy the moment, man! That's the whole point of the kiss. If you're too pressured for it, you may not be able to have a great time. Savor the pleasure and drown yourself into the depths of passion --- it's deeply phenomenal.

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How to Be a Great Kisser - Hot and Creative Kissing Techniques For Men

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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