How to French Kiss Step by Step

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The French kiss is the most romantic and intimate kiss in the world and while it's not that hard to do, you might still mess it up if you don't know how to go about it. But don't worry, because in this article I'll provide you with detailed instructions on how to french kiss step by step.

You will be a kissing master by the time you finish reading this.

Step 1 - Before you kiss someone, especially if this is the first kiss, make sure that your breath isn't bad and that your mouth is clean. You don't have to brush your teeth just before kissing but don't eat anything spicy either.

Step 2 - Face your partner as you would with any kiss. Naturally, you need to be close together. Make sure that you have their full attention.

Step 3 - Lean in slowly. Don't rush things. Otherwise you might bump noses or even teeth. Tilt your head to one side as you lean in. You don't have to tilt it by much, just enough to avoid a nose-to-nose accident.

Step 4 - Part your lips just before your lips touch your partner's. Don't open your mouth too much. A little will do.

Step 5 - Press your lips together. Start softly and enjoy the kiss. You don't need to stick your tongue right in. Take a second to just press lips.

Step 6 - Slowly insert your tongue into your partner's mouth. The best French kissing tip I can give is to not go deep. You don't want to force your presence, just play with their tongue gently. Make sure to move your tongue slowly. Be gentle.

Step 7 - Make sure to hold your partner in your arms, either around the back or gently grasp their head. This will increase the sensation.

Step 8 - Don't take too long and break for air. Then, you will probably kiss again.

You are now an expert French Kisser.

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How to French Kiss Step by Step

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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