How to Kiss a Girl - 5 Signs That Tell You How to Kiss by Knowing When She's Ready to Be Kissed

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 Not surprisingly, this is a question I get from a lot of men. How soon from meeting a woman should they have to wait before they should make a move. After all, they don't want to seem hesitant and indecisive, which is not a very attractive trait in a man.

And the answer that I always give? Trust your gut instincts. If it feels right, go for it. But for the more cautious men out there (and you are definitely better off being cautious rather than reckless in this category), I have compiled this list of signs that you can use to gauge her readiness to be kissed by you.1.

1.   You have at least an hour of interaction with each other. As a general rule, you need to have at least about 60 minutes of conversation with a woman before she will be ready to kiss you. Of course, those should be 60 minutes of quality interaction. This is because you need to establish some sort of rapport before you can become comfortable enough to share a kiss. If you guys can talk about more personal topics like dreams and life goals, that's a pretty good benchmark of a minimum comfort level generally required before she can feel secure enough to be kissed.

2.   She initiates physical contact more frequently. Pay attention to how she touches you and how frequently she does it. Touching shows that she's comfortable being with you and also tells you how intimate she would like things to be. If touch just happens every now and then, you should probably keep waiting. But if you notice that she's touching you more and more, that means she's ready for more intimate interactions.

3.   She exhibits sexy body language. When a woman wants you to kiss her, she'll be in her "sexy" mood. You'll know she's in the zone by paying close attention to her body language. Does she expose her neck to you more often, or pouts her lips more often. Or maybe she's crossing and recrossing her legs more often. Unconsciously, what she's doing is discreetly exposing her skin to tempt you.

4.   She leads you away from her group of friends. It's quite awkward to share a first kiss in front of friends. If she's ready to be kissed, she'll lead you away where it will just be the two of you. Which means if she prefers to stay close to the group even if you ask for some time alone with her, that's a clear sign that she's not quite comfortable being with you.

5.   Your conversation moves from serious or mundane to increasingly flirty.  If she is flirting with you in increasing frequency, it's a definite sign that she's sexually attracted to you, too. The naughtier the banter, the readier she is.

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How to Kiss a Girl - 5 Signs That Tell You How to Kiss by Knowing When She's Ready to Be Kissed

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How to Kiss a Girl - 5 Signs That Tell You How to Kiss by Knowing When She's Ready to Be Kissed

This article was published on 2010/04/03
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