How to Kiss a Girl the Way She Likes It

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Everybody has to make that first kiss at one point in their life, and everybody is nervous about it the first time. For some, it's earlier, for others, it's later. And for some, like Susan Boyle, it's only after many decades of life have passed them by without ever being kissed.

I hope you're not as late as Susan Boyle. But it doesn't matter so much whether your first "real kiss" is at 11 or at 25. You can become a great kisser if you know how to do it.

Maybe you are worried that you will make some stupid kissing mistake. (And there are in fact plenty of possible pitfalls to avoid).

Maybe you could actually kiss well, but the girl you want to kiss is so special to you, that you're all nervous when you just think about it.

Maybe you have actually already kissed the girl... but you're not sure whether she really liked it?

Kissing is not rocket science or professional golfing - you can become good at it really fast. But it isn't easy, if you don't have some proper guidance.

There are little tricks that can transform an average kiss... into an amazing kiss that will keep her longing for more.

There are kissing techniques that will give you the confidence in your ability to kiss her the way she likes it.

There are psychological factors that have an impact on how much she enjoys kissing. And of course, there is human biology too.

You can learn about all of that without having to go to "Kissing School". I'm sure if I'd open one, there'd be plenty of customers. There's a huge demand when it comes to learning how to kiss. But you don't need to go to any kind of school. Just learn the right methods, and practice them on your own - this will turbocharge your kissing skills.

Before you even ask the girl you are interested in to dance with you, make sure that you have a fresh breath. A chewing gum or mint is fine, and avoid smelly foods like onion and garlic beforehand.

Obviously it's a lot easier to kiss a girl when dancing to slow music than when dancing to rock music. So just asking her to dance when a slow, romantic song is played is the first step in order to kiss her.

Before you actually kiss her, dance a bit with her and just enjoy moving to the sound of the music together. This will create an atmosphere of intimacy. Then you gently move closer to her, until your cheek touches her cheek.

If she is not ready to kiss you, you will feel her pulling away from you when you get to close. If however she accepts the closeness, that's a good indicator that you should try your next move.

Then you just turn your head a little bit so that your lips almost touch her cheeks. If she still does not pull away, move your mouth close to hers. At this point it is important that you show her that you want to kiss her, but let her do the last step. Do not "push" your lips on her lips.

But give the clear signal that you want to kiss her anyway. Don't try to hide it or cover it up. You are expected to make the move and initiate the kiss, so that she can "give you permission" to do.

If you have seen the movie "Hitch" with Will Smith, you might remember the scene where he teaches his client how to do that. If you haven't seen it, go and watch it, it's a great movie, and there is a good kissing lesson in there too.

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How to Kiss a Girl the Way She Likes It

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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