How to Kiss a Woman Like an Expert

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Kissing a woman is simple enough. You just have to touch her lips with yours. However, if you want to improve the kiss further, you must learn how to French kiss properly.

You've seen how they do it in movies. The kiss must be romantic and sensual for it to count. Otherwise, you're just locking lips and nothing more. A kiss can be your deadliest weapon in seduction, but only if you can connect with her intimately through your kiss. Intimate kissing is an art you can master today. Here are three killer tips to do that:

How To Kiss A Woman Like An Expert

Tip #1. Alternate lip movements with tongue movements

French kissing isn't an all-tongue affair. You need to move your lips more to keep the kiss going, and use your tongue only to deepen the kiss and coax the girl to respond. Feeling your tongue on her lips will send a jolt down her spine and prompt her to take action. Your lips, on the other hand, send a comforting warmth throughout her body.

Tip #2. Close your eyes

There's nothing creepier than sharing a kiss with someone with his eyes wide open and staring. Close your eyes fully to show her you're enjoying the kiss, but not too tightly that you look tense and nervous.

Top #3. Make appreciative sounds

French kissing is an expression of love, so you need to show your appreciation for the kiss by murmuring sweet nothings whenever your lips move apart slightly. Tell her she's beautiful or that you love her softly and romantically.

Want to learn how to turn your kiss into an even more powerful tool to make her fall in love with you completely? Here's a trick you can try: combine the above tips with the hypnosis strategy called Fractionation. This is simply a way of talking that draws women in so that they will feel more emotionally bonded with you. This method will put her through an emotional rollercoaster so that she's just about ready to surrender to your will before you seal the deal with a kiss.

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But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning...

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How to Kiss a Woman Like an Expert

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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