How to Kiss Her - Step by Step

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So you're having a great date with an attractive woman and you feel that you have an open door to take it to the next level - the kissing level - what do you do? Do you just move in without warning or ask her first if you can kiss her, or just cave into your doubt and don't be anything at all?

The truth is that you can get her to kiss you, but you have to learn a few tried and true techniques first. But before we go over these techniques, you must first learn the body language of the woman you are with. Figure out whether she is receptive to you and will want to get closer to you and for you get closer to her. Once you've learned her body language, and that she's comfortable with you, then you can move in for that special kiss.

How To Kiss Her - Step By Step

Step 1: Your Best Position - if the woman you are with appears comfortable with you and has no problem getting close to you or even taking your hand, and then this would be prime time for you to move in and give her a kiss. Once you know that she's comfortable, and then you will know if she will receive your kiss.

Step 2: Build Comfort - sweet talk her and be vulnerable towards her. You may even share an intimate secret about yourself with her to make her melt in your arms. This would also be a great opportunity to get that special kiss.

Step 3: Connect - establish a physical connection with your special woman and make your move to kiss her. Make eye contact with her, watch her lips, and move in close.

Step 4: Enjoying the Flirting - If you flirt with her a little from the start of your date, it will set the tone for the rest of the evening and maybe help you and her feel more comfortable around each other. Once you feel comfortable, you won't be rejected when you reach closer and give her a kiss.

Finally, some people have said that using the techniques of fractionation through hypnosis is an exact science and will guarantee you that special kiss at the end of the night. However, be aware that you must use fractionation with caution.

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But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning...

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How to Kiss Her - Step by Step

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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