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Do you remember when the idea of a French kiss pretty much made you gag? Well we all thought it was pretty gross back then, but then we hit puberty and things changed. Then we were all about sticking our tongues in someone s mouth.

There are different types of kissers, aggressive, thrusting, sloppy, passionate, gentle, what remains is that if your tongues are touching then you are French kissing a woman. Sure the basic premise that you pictured in your 11 year old boys mind is essentially true, but the technique varies from person to person. How to French kiss a woman can be explained in a simple way, or in more detail. I am going to give you both.

Simple: Begin with a regular kiss, pull her closer, open your mouth and slide your tongue between her lips. Hopefully she will also open her mouth and reciprocate the action.
That is the basic how to for French kissing.

Complex: Begin with a regular kiss, cradle her jaw with your hand, using your thumb to stroke close to her mouth. Use your tongue to lick gently around her lips and lightly nibble on her lower lip, this will make her want to do the same. When you get around to sliding your tongue into her mouth, don't attempt to find her tonsils, just stroke and caress the inside of her mouth and tongue with your tongue. Of course with both of you having your mouths open, unless you're tightly sealed there will be some drooling going on. This is when you go back to a regular kiss for a moment, before initiating the French kiss again. The two of you will feel the passion that your French kiss is stirring and may move your bodies closer together, tilt your heads a little more and seem to simply melt into each other as your tongues, meet and tangle, your lips caress each other, and your mouths open wider to accept the other person's presence. Now that is how to French kiss a woman. It's not hard, and is generally human nature, once we pass the age of the gag instinct at the very thought.

A few things to remember when you are French kissing a woman, which can turn the kiss from something wonderful that leads to more, into a one off event, that she won't care to repeat. First you do not force yourself into her mouth, if she wants your tongue in there she will let you, if you use force you may get bitten. Use a little finesse, and don't repeatedly stab her with your tongue, after all you aren't a 12 year old trying this out for the first time are you? Take time and enjoy the sensations, texture and taste of her kisses, without causing her to suffocate or choke. Yes French kissing can get messy, drool happens, but don't do a fish kiss to keep from drooling. Women don't appreciate your lips being tight when you are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying the kiss.

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How to French Kiss

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Modern Man - How to French Kiss a Woman

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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