Modern Man - How to Kiss a Girl

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One would suppose that if you are reading this you do not actually want to know the physical instructions for how to kiss a girl. If so I suggest you simply pucker up and place your lips on hers. If you are wondering how to go about kissing a girl or making her want to kiss you then you've come to the right place.

When you are with a woman and want to kiss her, you have to know the right way to get what you want. Most women are pretty intuitive and know that when your eyes meet and lock that there will probably be a kiss.

So if you want to know how to kiss a woman, simply arrange the situation to where she will know that kiss is coming, then she can meet you halfway. This means you've won the battle and will get your kiss.

While dancing, pull back and look deeply into her eyes, then lower your lashes and lean in to her. She will more than likely do the same and your lips will meet effortlessly.

Walking hand in hand if you lift her hand and kiss it before putting your arm around her and holding her close she will get the message. After all your faces are close together, you are on a romantic walk and it is a smooth move to drop a light kiss on her mouth and continue your walk.

At the end of a date, avoid that awkward goodnight kiss dilemma, by telling her that you had a wonderful time and would love to kiss her goodnight. Smoothly and suavely all you have to do is place a hand on her cheek and lean in to place a gentle kiss on her lips. If she wants to deepen the kiss her body language will let you know.

How to kiss a girl is not rocket science, it's simply a matter of the right time and place. Kissing a woman is something that should happen naturally, or at least seem as if it is an uncontrived act. With practice you will learn how to kiss a girl effortlessly, and even make it seem as if it was her idea to kiss you.

There are several physical indicators that will let a woman know you want to kiss her. Besides the intimate look, you may bite your lip, or touch her face lingering near her mouth, savoring a sweet dessert while looking at her lips, and even just making sure your mouth is in proximity if she wants to steal a smooch.

Romance is a wonderful thing and chemistry will help make sure that the kiss will be an experience for both you and the woman that you want to know how to kiss. If she wants to kiss you as much as you want to kiss her, there won't be any problem getting to the kissing.

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How to Kiss a Girl

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Modern Man - How to Kiss a Girl

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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