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When ending a first date with a girl you may be wondering if you should kiss her. You can read her by how she is acting. If she is not making eye contact, has her head down or acts nervous give her a tight hug instead. It may not be that she is not interested; it may be that she is just shy and nervous. Or perhaps she does not kiss any man on the first date. You can ask her for another date after the hug. If she says she thinks of you as a brother or just wants to be friends, than you will be grateful you did not make your move and feel like a fool that you tried to kiss her. The two of you can still pay your own way and get together if you so choose. You may want to steer clear of doing too many friendly activities together as other women will think you are with her.

If you are out on a first date and the girl keeps looking into your eyes and holding onto your every word, this is a great time to make a move and kiss her.

The first tip on how to kiss a woman is before you do kiss her; make sure you have fresh breath. There is no bigger turn off than kissing someone with garlic or stale breath. Bring gum or mints on the date and put one in your mouth when you feel your breath is not the freshest. A good way to tell if you have bad breath is to go into a restroom and lick the inside of your wrist. This may sound funny, but it works better than taking your hand and cupping it, blowing breath onto it to see if you can smell it. Sometimes that does not work. Wait a minute or two and when your wrist is dry, smell it. Whatever your wrist smells like where you licked it, is how your breath smells. Hopefully it is fine and you can make your move.

The second tip on how to kiss a woman is to look into her eyes and gently touch her face. Lean into her and bring your lips closer to her lips. Part your lips and let your tongue gently wander into her mouth. Explore her mouth with your tongue. She will let you explore and start to explore back. The two of you will slowly lead up to passionate kissing if you do this for awhile.

The third tip on how to kiss a woman is to make sure you do not immediately jam your tongue down her throat and get spit all over her face. Start off gently especially if this is your first date and build up to a more forceful kiss if she is responding well to that.
You can work on tips on how to get a girl to kiss you. While on your date at a bar or movie theatre, put your arm around her. Next look into her eyes and lovingly smile. Close your eyes for a few moments while you are in her facial space. Do not make the first move. If she wants to kiss you, this is the perfect opportunity.

While out on a date another great way on how to get a girl to kiss you is to buy her a little remembrance of your date. For example, if you are at the zoo, buy her a cute drinking glass of her favorite zoo animal. This is a romantic and memory making gesture. Surely she will love it that you think enough of her to buy her a small gift and she will know you were paying attention to her conversation on what she likes.

You can learn how to kiss a woman and how to get a girl to kiss you with a little practice. Before you know it, you will see what works and what does not work and you will become a pro at it.

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How to Get a Girl to Kiss You

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Modern Man - How to Kiss a Girl

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This article was published on 2010/03/28
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