When Do I Kiss Her? How to Tell If a Girl is Ready to Be Kissed

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Lots of guys have this problem telling when to kiss a girl. It's understandable. There's no magic "I'm Ready" button that lights up over a girls head when she is ready to be kissed, but there are some signals that if you pay attention will help to tell you when she is ready.

First of all, watch some romantic movies. This will give you some ideas of when she is ready to be kissed. There is that time when you are alone, and you both are having some idle conversation, and then there is that lull when there is not anything really going on, and you are looking into her eyes. This is that time when you are supposed to kiss her. Especially if you are alone.

Also, if you are going for that first kiss with a girl, it helps if you move to a place that isn't so public if it is your first kiss. For instance, if you are in a restaurant going on your first date, don't kiss her in the restaurant. There is too much pressure in this situation and it is going to be kind of awkward because of the pressure. Instead, take her outside, and set up "that moment" somewhere else. Perhaps outside your car, or nearby in a slightly secluded area.

How To Tell If She Is Ready To Be Kissed

Now, if you are still wondering how to tell if a girl is ready to be kissed, you can always ask her. It's perfectly acceptable. However, I like to do a little something different.

Basically, what you want to do is lean in like you are going to kiss her, but don't actually do it; like you are almost kissing her. Do this a couple of times to build tension (not right in a row after each other), and then either one of two things will happen. You can either kiss her, or she will start kissing you because of the tension.

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When Do I Kiss Her? How to Tell If a Girl is Ready to Be Kissed

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This article was published on 2010/04/16
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